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What is an Influencer Engagement Rate?

Engagement rate is the involvement you receive on your post from your followers or audience. It is calculated in percentage.

The engagement rate gives an average idea of how well your content is doing on social media. It does not necessarily depend on the number of followers. The response you receive through likes, comments, and shares drive the engagement rate. Here is a quick example for you to understand the engagement rate better; Suppose a celebrity posted a video on Youtube but you scrolled through it, in this case, you did not engage with the celebrity’s video. If you would have liked and commented, it is considered engaging with the post.

Why Should You Calculate Engagement Rate?

Let’s just take a moment and understand that not all engagement rates are built equal.

As an account grows in terms of followers, the engagement rate could drop. Micro and nano-influencers tend to have an engagement rate. This is because the audience root for their favorite micro and nano-influencers.

You would want to choose an influencer based on their engagement rate and here’s why:

To eliminate the risk of fake followers

With the growing number of fake influencers using bots and falsely altering & distorting follower count and engagement data, audience authenticity has already become a critical challenge.

Fortunately spotting them is easy if you take a closer look at their followers and engagement rate. There are two tell-tale ways of spotting a fake influencer.

  • Anything that seems contrived is most likely purchased. When you see an influencer that has hundreds and thousands of followers but has an iota of engagement rate is a red flag.
  • There has been a rise in something called engagement groups, where a number of people join together in a group called engagement for engagement.
  • This gives an illusion of an attractive engagement rate but when you take a closer look you can find the same repetitive comments that make no sense and a jumble of irrelevant emojis. Sometimes thousands of likes on a post where the account has fewer followers.',

To measure ROI.

There is a clear correlation between engagement rate and ROI.

Studies show that influencer marketing has 11 times higher ROI than traditional marketing. For every dollar invested in influencer marketing, brands typically make $5.20. As a result, 66% of brands plan to increase their spending on influencer marketing in 2022.

The engagement rate brings you detailed information for each campaign post and enables you to gauge its performance.

Relation with Instagram's Algorithm

Engagement rate can have a significant impact on reach and visibility on Instagram. The algorithm prioritizes content that receives high engagement, meaning that posts with high engagement rates are more likely to be shown in the feeds of an influencer's followers.

Overall, engagement rate is an important metric to track because it can be a major driver of reach and visibility on Instagram and ultimately lead to more growth and success for an account.

Which factors go into engagement rates?

Apart from the influencer's performance among thier followers, there is more nuance in the engagement rate. It differs greatly according to the influencer's following size as well.

For example, a micro-influencer will have a much higher engagement rate than a macro or mega-influencer because micro-influencers are more intimately connected to their followers. Same goes for different industry and niches because some have higher engagement rate than others.

What is the average engagement rate of different influencers on Instagram in 2022?

The average engagement rate on Instagram is 0.67%, but influencers with various follower counts have a different range of engagement that is considered good.

Average engagement rate of different size influencers:

Low Engagement Rate

High Engagement Rate

0.5%-1%Celebrity Influencers
1%-2%Mega Influencers
3%-4%Macro influencers
8.8%-9%Nano Influencers

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    How to reach out to influencers?

    Here are a few simple steps to help you reach out to influencers:

    Start with interesting questions in your caption. This breaks the ice and gets the audience to respond to your question.

    Follow other accounts that are in your niche for better reach and visibility.

    Examine your competitor and follow the trend with your own twist.

    Post stories that are engaging. Polls are a good way to kick-start your engagement.

    Schedule regular live streams. Your followers would love to see you and it appears more personal as if they are included in the circle.

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    How is the influencer engagement rate calculated on Instagram?

    (((Likes+comments+saves)/followers)/10) * 100

    For a more detailed analysis use our engagement rate calculator.

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    What is a good engagement rate on Instagram?

    For nano-influencers with 1k to 10k followers - 11%

    For micro-influencers with 10k to 100k followers - 5.6%

    For macro-influencers with 100k to 1M followers - 4.8%

    For mega-influencer/ celebrity influencers with more than 1 Million followers - 4.6%

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    What is a good engagement rate on YouTube?

    For nano-influencers with 1k to 10k followers - 16%

    For micro-influencers with 10k to 100k followers - 3.5%

    For macro-influencers with 100k to 1M followers - 1.2%

    For mega-influencer/ celebrity influencers with more than 1 Million followers - 1.7%

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    What is a good engagement rate on Twitter?

    For nano-influencers with 1k to 10k followers - 9.9%

    For micro-influencers with 10k to 100k followers - 6.3%

    For macro-influencers with 100k to 1M followers - 1.4%

    For mega-influencer/ celebrity influencers with more than 1 Million followers - 0.42%

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    What is the average engagement rate?

    1.94% is the average engagement rate on Instagram, 0.63 % on YouTube, and 0.037% on Twitter.

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