What you will learn:

  • Segments of influencers with most Gen-Z following.
  • Top Content Categories Gen-Z and Millennials follow.
  • Top 25 Digital Influencers that have maximum Gen-Z audience.
  • Top Digital Influencers that have maximum Millennial audience.
  • Influencers driving the top-bottom business funnel.
  • Analysis of Social Commerce platforms & Influencer Marketing… and more.

Data in this report was obtained and analyzed from the Omnifluence platform, and all figures shown are provided after analyzing influencers and influencer audiences via the platform.

Shailja Saraswati Varghese

Chief Content Officer, Omnicom Media Group India

“Going through the compelling and decisive data found in the report, it becomes evident that social media has been playing a major role in the surge of e-commerce and influencers are leading the charge in that realm."

Priya Vivek

Managing Partner - Revenue, Qoruz

“One must have access to the right set of data, backed by solid numbers and evidence, to make proper use of influencer reach. Omnifluence offers an extensive number of tools that can help a brand make smart decisions for its influencer marketing needs.”