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Find relevant influencers faster


Marketing Manager, Marketing Associate

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Why finding relevant influencers takes too much effort?

Manually finding the relevant influencers is a monotonous act and mentally exhausting.

Like how SJ Surya keeps looping in the Maanadu movie.

Make a list of influencers → Open the social media profile → Check if the influencer belongs to your niche → Repeat

It’s the most time-consuming yet unproductive job that no one wants to be part of. The worst part? You can’t skip it.

It’s the most time-consuming yet unproductive job that no one wants to be part of. The worst part? You can’t skip it.

How does finding influencers manually impact the stakeholders?

Marketing executive

To a Marketing Associative, it adds no value to their portfolio.

Marketing executive

To a Marketing Head, it’s an unproductive task but demands hours of the team.

How to minimize the manual effort when finding influencers?

Instead of making a list of influencers and validating their niche manually, you can use Qoruz to shortlist the influencers in one go. The influencer finding phase comes along with 2 values.

Accessibility to more influencer options

Qoruz has an open database of 3 lac+ influencers associated with the platform. Create a free account with Qoruz in less than 10 seconds and get instant free access to all the influencers.

Influencer Filtration based on your niche

In the influencer search bar, type in and select your niche. If food is your niche, select food, and the platform will pull the list of food influencers in India. You can filter the influencer list even more by selecting registered influencers onboarded after verification.

Influencer filtration based on KRIs

Apart from filtering influencers based on your niche, you can also filter them based on the influencer’s performance metrics like engagement rate, follower range, etc.

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