Influencer Brief - Template


In the social media era, the power of influencers cannot be denied. Influencers can shape opinions and influence their followers' decisions and purchasing behavior.

Collaborating with influential individuals helps brands spread the word about their products and services only if done right.

That's where influencer briefs come in.

Think of an influencer brief as a roadmap for any brand’s campaign success.

Influencer briefs hold a clear set of guidelines for both the brand and the influencer, ensuring everyone is working towards the same goal.

To enable seamless collaboration, let’s explore the influencer brief, its benefits, and a template to get you started.

What Is an Influencer Brief?

An influencer brief is a document that outlines the scope of the brand’s campaign.

Prepared by the brand and shared with the influencers.

Influencer briefs allow brands to quickly and effectively communicate the brand messages while providing a clear idea of what the brand is looking for from an influencer.

Your influencer brief template must convey the following information:

  • Goals of your campaign
  • Target audience
  • Expected reach and how do you measure success
  • Budget for the campaign

Why Send an Influencer Brief?

Influencer brief sets the expectations of a brand from the influencer. Here are a few benefits an influencer brief provides:

Roadmap to the Entire Campaign

When said roadmap, an influencer brief outlines the campaign's goals, target audience, messaging, and desired ROI.

This information helps the influencer tailor their content to the campaign's objectives and timeline, ensuring that the content aligns with the brand's vision.

Working Towards the Same Goals

The main goal of the influencer brief is to ensure that the brand and the influencer clearly understand the campaign’s goals and objectives.

By sending an influencer brief, brands can be confident that their influencers understand and deliver their expectations and prevent misunderstandings during the campaign process.

Avoid Miscommunication

Sending an influencer brief is an effective way to help avoid miscommunication. The brief ensures the influencer is fully informed of the entire campaign process.

It also provides a platform for the influencer to ask questions they may have, clarifying any potential misunderstandings before the campaign starts.

For example, if an influencer is expected to share their reel on a story every alternate day, they forget it. This could lead to disappointment on both sides affecting the current relationship and future collaborations.

Less To and Fros

Influencer briefs pave the way to create better content with less effort on both sides.

If everything is already spelled out before any work begins, there should be no surprises later.

Meaning to say less time is spent giving instructions over email or phone calls which could easily result in miscommunication between the brand and the influencer.

What to Include in Your Influencer Brief?

Company Details

The influencer brief should begin with the company's name, contact details, and a brief overview of what the company does.

This information helps the influencer understand the basic information about your brand.

Campaign Goals

Specify the campaign's overall goals, whether it's to increase brand awareness, drive conversions, or generate website visits.

Mentioning them is a win-win for your brand and the influencer while the brand works towards the goals, and the influencer tailors the content to achieve the goals.

Content Execution

Mention the platforms on which the content will be posted, the types of posts required, the hashtags used, and the campaign timeline.

For instance, your brand may want the influencer to post three Instagram stories and one post per week for four weeks. Mentioning this in a campaign brief would help them create and post content based on the agreed-upon deliverables.

Clearly define what type of content you want from each influencer:

  • Whether it is videos or photos;
  • How long they should be;
  • Any restrictions on what can be said in the post (e.g., not mentioning competitors, not using specific props, adding brand logo in reel).

Content Inspiration

If you have any references for the content to be created (from competitors or any other brands), mention them in the campaign brief.

References help the influencer understand the tone and style of the campaign and create content that resonates with your target audience.

Payment Terms

Payment terms are a vital element in campaign briefs. Specify whether the influencer will be paid per post, an overall project fee, or performance-based payments.

Brands can also consider providing commissions for purchases made through the influencer's unique affiliate link as a payment term.

Ensure to add the payment due in the influencer brief, assuring the influencer of the brand collaboration.

Influencer Brief Template

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Influencer briefs are an essential for any successful influencer marketing campaign. A well-crafted influencer brief helps your brand achieve its objectives and deliver a message that resonates with your target audience.

Start sending better influencer brief’s, leverage the power of influencers, and position your brand in the hearts of your target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer brief helps to ensure that the influencer and the brand are on the same page. It outlines the expectations, the scope of work, and the timelines. A detailed and concise brief will help the influencer create content that is aligned with the brand's objectives and resonates with the brand's audience and followers.

The influencer brief is usually created by the brand or the agency working with the influencer.

Influencers can suggest changes to the brief if they feel it will help them create better content. However, the brand or the agency should discuss and agree upon any changes before proceeding with the campaign.

Following the guidelines and creative requirements outlined in the brief and discussing with the brand should help influencers create better content. The influencer should also get their content reviewed and approved by the brand before publishing it to ensure that it aligns with its objectives and messaging.