Influencer Campaign Weekly Tracker Template


Influencer campaigns drive sales and perform better than many other marketing channels nowadays.

Tracking influencer campaigns not only helps in the performance evaluation but also refines the approach based on what worked and what didn't for the future.

Importance of tracking influencer campaign

Tracking influencer campaigns is one of the most important aspects of influencer marketing, and if done correctly, it can increase the ROI by many folds.

Tracking helps optimize the budget, improve influencer selection, monitor brand reputation, and enhance overall results.

So, basically, tracking influencer campaigns is as important as running the campaign itself, if not more.

Why should you track influencer campaigns weekly?

Now that the importance of tracking influencer campaigns is established, it is crucial to know how often the tracking has to be done.

The tracking period should not be too short that the difference in the data is not enough to take any action, nor should it be too long that it is too late to do anything.

Tracking influencer campaigns weekly is the ideal spot for achieving optimal results; there is enough data to monitor the progress and enough time to tackle any crisis.

What KPIs to include in the weekly tracker?

Before going in with the whole campaign tracking process, it is important to determine what KPIs must be included in the tracker.

Some KPIs can be included in every tracker, but some should be specific to your campaign goals and objectives and align with them.

KPI misalignment can result in campaign failure and overall botched results.

The importance of different KPIs in campaign tracking

Some important KPIs, likes, comments and engagement rates must be included in every campaign tracker.

roi tracker

These KPIs help understand how the content is performing among the influencer’s followers. This data also helps select high-performing influencers for future campaigns as well.

Other KPIs like profile visits or conversion rates are specific to campaigns aiming towards brand awareness.

Some KPIs are deduced by calculating the above-mentioned KPIs after a few weeks of tracking, like average engagement rate, campaign traffic, the amount spent and CAC(customer acquisition cost)

roi tracker

These KPIs double as campaign reports at the end, generally used as a benchmark for the next campaign.

How to track influencer campaigns?

Download this campaign tracker template and track any campaign effectively.

The KRIs included suit different campaign goals and should align with your campaign objectives.

You can also add additional KRIs in this template if your campaign is aiming for a specific objective which is not added in this template.

The template is curated for weekly tracking which is why it is divided into sections based on weeks.

roi tracker

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Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer campaign tracking is monitoring and measuring an influencer campaign's performance to determine its effectiveness and success. This involves tracking metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators) such as reach, engagement, conversion rate, brand awareness, and ROI (return on investment).

Tracking influencer campaigns can be done in three easy steps:

  • Define campaign KPIs
  • Monitor the KPIs on a weekly basis
  • Enter the data in the excel sheet

Setting KPIs for an influencer campaign involves several steps. Here's how to set effective KPIs for your influencer campaign:

  • Define campaign objective
  • Identify target audience
  • Set specific goals

Tracking influencer campaigns is time and manpower-consuming instead, you can use Qoruz to track the performance of any influencer campaign automatically.