Build a World-Class Influencer Marketing Program

Drive higher impact from your influencer marketing initiatives with the right data,insights, and intelligence.

Goal-Oriented Planning

Search and shortlist influencers based on your campaign objective - engagement, reach or video views. Narrow your search further with filters on platform, location, category/content, following/engagement rate, & more.

Decode Influencer Metrics and Bring Structure

Analyze influencer performance/engagement metrics and benchmark their performance against that of other influencers. Additionally, detect influencer fraud and optimize your campaign to ensure maximum impact.

Brand & Competition Analysis

Get insights on brand and competition coverage by influencers. Conversely, find influencers that have worked with a brand or their competitor.

Estimate Campaign Performance & ROI before going LIVE

Foresee how a campaign is likely to perform, and get a view of estimated video views, engagement, reach, CPE(cost per engagement), CPV(cost per view) before going ahead with it.

Measure ROI Impact with Transparent Reporting

Determine individual influencer ROI and ROI on a campaign level with metrics such as cost per engagement and cost per view. This allows you to optimize the campaign effectively and also create a benchmark for ones planned for the future.

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