Speak with influencers directly


You plan to run influencer campaigns but don’t have the influencer’s contact details to discuss deliverables and costs. So, usually, you approach agencies to outsource your campaign.

Why outsourcing influencer campaigns to an agency is not the best idea?

When attempting influencer campaigns for the first time, It’s normal to outsource it to agencies rather than running the campaign all by yourself. Reason?

The agency takes care of the end-to-end campaign execution.

Here comes 2 main problems when dealing with an agency:

  1. You will not get transparency in the influencer cost. This will lead to unjustifiable budget consumption by the agency for all influencers. So, you will end up spending more money on the influencers than their actual cost.

  2. For another, if the agency liaisons on your behalf with the influencer, there is a higher chance of miscommunication between that agency and the influencers. It could be in terms of the deliverable quality, deadline, brand tonality etc. Also, if you want to reiterate the campaign brief after going live, you won’t be able to reach out to the influencers immediately as you don’t have the contact details of the influencer.
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How to speak with influencers directly?

With Qoruz, you can check the influencer contact details in less than 5 secs. This gives you an upper hand to speak with influencers directly and negotiate on the deliverables and cost.

The influencer contact checking phase comes with 2 values:

  • Accessibility to more influencer options
  • Influencer contact number checker

By speaking with the influencers directly,

  • Save a lump sum of your influencer marketing budget by paying the actual cost. Avoid commission and any additional cost added by the agencies.
  • Build long-term relationship with influencers and optimize the campaigns.

  1. Accessibility to more influencer options

    Qoruz has an open database of 3 lac+ influencers associated with the platform. Create a free account with Qoruz in less than 10 seconds and get instant free access to all the influencers.

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  2. Influencer contact number checker

    Search and find influencers from your category in Qoruz. From the list of influencers suggested, open an influencer profile. You’ll see the “View Contact” button in the left navigation bar below the influencer’s display picture.

    Click on it to access the contact details of the influencer. You will get the email address and contact number of the influencer and their manager (if they have one).

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