Get influencer cost in less than 5 secs


D2C brand's influencer campaign budgets vary based on objectives, targets, team bandwidth etc. So choosing the same influencer as your competitor or peer may not fit your brand.

When planning campaigns, knowing the cost of influencer deliverables is mandatory to shortlist them.

This helps weed out the influencers who do not fit into your budget.

It saves hours of time that you spend on outreaching & following up on irrelevant influencers.

Why is getting the influencer cost time-consuming?

You DM the influencers through their social handles to know the cost of their deliverables.

You’d get a delayed response or no response. Often it is because your collaboration request gets lost in the pile of messages the influencer receives.

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How to get influencer cost faster?

Whether you want to check the deliverable cost for the list of influencers you have or find relevant influencers and get their cost, Qoruz is the way forward.

The influencer cost fetching phase comes along with 2 values.

  1. Accessibility to more influencer options
  2. Influencer cost checker
  1. Accessibility to more influencer options

    Qoruz has an open database of 3 lac+ influencers associated with the platform. Create a free account with Qoruz in less than 10 seconds and get instant free access to all the influencers.

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  2. Influencer cost checker

    Open an influencer profile from the list of influencers suggested in your category. You’ll see the “View Cost” button in the left navigation bar below the influencer’s display picture.

    Click on it to view the cost of the influencer deliverables. You’ll get the list of deliverable types and their cost.

    The cost mentioned here will be the estimated cost based on the influencer’s recent deliverable charge.

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    Qoruz also has the option to shortlist the influencers based on your budget.

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    All you have to do is, mention the minimum and maximum cost under advanced filters.

    The advanced filter shortlists the influencers who fit your budget.

    • For unplanned launches or campaigns, get to know the influencer cost and draft the campaign plan with budget instantly.
    • Eliminate influencers who don’t fit your budget and avoid unproductive & time-consuming follow-ups.

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