Verify if the influencer cost quoted by the agency is legit

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Verify if the influencer cost quoted by the agency is legit


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Why verify the influencer cost?

When you outsource your influencer campaign with agencies, you are sceptical about whether the cost quoted by the agency matches the influencer cost. Suppose it’s a nano or micro influencer campaign, the number of influencers involved in the campaign is going to be high and the budget involved is also high.

Saves your marketing budget big time when you negotiate with the agency, as you know the real cost of the influencers now.

Alerts if the agency’s pricing is so high.

How does finding influencers manually impact the stakeholders?

Marketing executive

To a Marketing Manager, it adds no value to their portfolio.

Marketing executive

To a Marketing Head, it’s an unproductive task but demands hours of the team.

Marketing executive

To a CXO, the expected returns from the marketing resource go for a toss.

How to verify the cost quoted by the agency?

Instead of making a list of influencers and validating their niche manually, you can use Qoruz to shortlist the influencers in one go. The influencer finding phase comes along with 2 values.

Find the influencers suggested by the agency

The first step is to find the influencers suggested by the agency:

Qoruz Search - Search for the influencer name in the Qoruz search bar. You’ll get the list of influencer profiles for your search query. Click the influencer from your space.

If you are not able to find any specific influencer name, you can suggest us to get it added here. We have around 3,16,000+ influencers added in our database. The suggested influencer will be added as a part of it.

Verify if the influencer deliverable cost matches the agency’s cost

Click the influencer profile. On the influencer profile page, below the display picture, you’ll see “View Cost”. Click on that to find the influencer cost for different variables.

If the influencer works on the Instagram channel predominantly, the cost will be displayed as below:

Instagram Image Cost - XXX

Instagram Rell Cost - YYY

Instagram Story Cost - ZZZ

An example of how the campaign cost is displayed for influencers:

Verify if the influencer suggested belongs to your category

When you open the influencer profile, under overview, you can see a “Content Affinity” section. Content affinity shows the % split of the influencer posts or interest across different categories.

Content Affinity should give you a fair idea of whether the influencer suggested by the agency is under your category or not. You can also repeat the same for the rest of the influencers and confirm.

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