Validate if the influencer has worked with similar brands

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Validate if the influencer has worked with similar brands


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Why check the influencer’s brand association?

Ideally, you choose the influencer for your brand campaign based on metrics like influencer category, location, follower base, engagement rate, etc. However, knowing the influencer’s historical brand associations is a strong validation point to decide whether or not to work with the influencer.

This will be a decision-influencing metric when you present the list of influencers internally to your team or to your higher authority.

You can save a lot of time by avoiding manual influencer validation. If a particular influencer had performed well for a similar brand, they should perform well for you as well.

How does finding influencers manually impact the stakeholders?

Marketing executive

To a Marketing Manager, it adds no value to their portfolio.

Marketing executive

To a Marketing Head, it’s an unproductive task but demands hours of the team.

Marketing executive

To a CXO, the expected returns from the marketing resource go for a toss.

How to Check the Influencer’s Brand Association?

Using Qoruz flow, you can check the influencer’s historic brand associations. Check the influencer’s brand history in less than 2 minutes by following the below steps.

Find the influencers suggested by the agency or in-house team

The first step is to find the influencers the agency or your in-house team suggested.

Qoruz Search - Search for the influencer’s name in the Qoruz search bar. You’ll get a list of influencer profiles with the same name. Pick the influencer you’d chosen. For instance, I’m a clothing D2C brand, choosing Kritika Khurana, a fashion influencer.

If you cannot find any specific influencer you thought of, you can suggest we’ll get it added. We have around 3,16,000+ influencers added to our database. The suggested influencer will be added as a part of it.

Check the historical brand associations of the influencer

On the influencer profile page, below the Social Profile metrics, you’ll see the “Brands” section. Under this, you can see the brands with which the influencer has done campaign before.

Validate influencer relevance based on old brand associations

You’ll see a list of brands the influencer was associated with before. If you find brands under your category, consider it a green signal to proceed with the influencer for your campaigns.

On top of it, it also has a “content affinity” section next to it. It shows the % split of the influencer posts or interest across different categories.

In this case, the influencer is from the clothing category and has associated with brands like Myntra, Nykaa, Flipkart, etc. Also, 30% of her content affinity is from the clothing category. So, she is super relevant for you to target.

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