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Discover how Qoruz Khelplay Rummy multiplied influencer activations with Qoruz.

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Discover how Qoruz Khelplay Rummy multiplied influencer activations with Qoruz.


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Khelplay Rummy today is a trusted name in the Online Rummy world and has served more than 7.5 Million users. Their games provide an omnichannel gaming experience to their users.

The Challenge

Khelplay Rummy wanted to run campaigns with influencers in the gaming category. They tried other influencer tools and failed to find relevant influencers across the categories that they were targeting.

Time-Consuming search

The Khelplay Rummy team spent a lot of time manually finding influencers for their campaigns. They found it harder to find micro and nano influencers by reaching out to them via DMs. They wanted to list influencers based on their engagement and reach instead of just identifying them via their follower count.

Influencer cost & contact information

The only possibility of reaching out to influencers was through DMs. And the probability of the influencer even finding it among the other pile of DM’s was very low, which resulted in a longer campaign planning process.

Delayed TAT (Turn around time)

TThe waiting time and uncertainty of when or will the influencer respond to their DMs was something to be dealt with. This caused a delay in the turn around time with influencers, eventually causing a delay in their influencer campaigns

The Solution

Influencer Discovery

Qoruz’s Search tool allowed Khelpaly Rummy to customize their search parameters based on their campaign needs to find the right influencers. With influencers across categories on the platform, they were easily able to find and shortlist the right influencers for their campaigns.

Tracking campaign ROI

Qoruz’s real-time reporting feature helped Khelplay Rummy monitor the progress of their campaign & optimize it all from one place. The live data helped them understand how well influencers are performing, and the engagement they are receiving. The engagement metrics such as views, comments, likes, and more along with the daily engagement graph of their campaign helped them understand the overall performance of the campaign.

Identify Influencer Content Performance

The Qoruz platform helped them delve into specific influencer data or posts and review data. This helped Madison identify which individuals work best for which of their clients.

The Qoruz platform not only helps us reach out to influencers for a marketing campaign but also helps us monitor the campaign and understand how each influencer is performing to draw better insights.

Sankalp Dua,Brand Management & Partnerships - The Khel Group

The Result

With Qoruz, Khelpaly Rummy was able to organise campaigns with an ROI of Rs.9 paise Cost per view which is much better than the industry average. Each of Qoruz’s features solved the problems they were facing with influencer marketing –discoverability, contacting, and moving ahead with the data-backed metric through campaign reporting.

Qoruz is an influencer marketing and intelligence platform, that enables superior influencer discovery, quick and easy influencer outreach. This is the official site of DATRUX SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED.


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