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Learn how Momspresso achieved strategic performance tracking of campaigns with Qoruz

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How Momspresso achieved strategic performance tracking of campaigns with Qoruz




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Momspresso is a platform providing content for the multi-faceted Mom of today. They provide answers to all parenting questions and support women and their journey.

What was the situation before Qoruz?

The influencer marketing campaigns conducted by Momspresso were crowdsourced. They ran multiple campaigns with each campaign involving over 100+ nano influencers.

The Challenge: Strategic campaign performance tracking

Since Momspresso’s influencer marketing campaign involved large groups of nano influencers finding the right influencers and tracking the content posted by each individual influencer was of utmost importance. Being able to understand the performance of each post and to be able to calculate the ROI was one of their key priorities.

A minimum of 3-4 days was being spent by just tracking the content posted by these influencers manually.

Etsy had to improve its way of identifying the right influencers to understand their audience. They recognized that enhancing brand awareness and online sales could only be achieved if they streamlined their influencer identification and onboarding process.

What was the Solution applied?

Momspresso Solution

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Right from searching for the influencers through the Search wizard and onboarding them, Qoruz has played an important role in fine-tuning and monitoring campaigns. Qoruz helped put forward really interesting influencer profiles and better calibrate budget resources. It enabled Momspresso to anticipate, monitor activities and measure ROI for each campaign.

Real-time campaign monitoring

Momspresso was quick to embrace the real-time campaign monitoring feature that Qoruz offers, this helped keep a close eye on the progress of their campaigns, both in terms of the performance and the budget. This fastened the decision-making process and optimized their content strategy.

Campaign Content Tracking

Momspresso always sought to put initiative first. They wanted to be able to track the content posted by each of their influencers on a per post level. It's crucial to have a proper understanding of the influencer’s audiences and the performance of their posts. That's where a platform like Qoruz becomes a precious asset. The content tracking feature of Qoruz helped Momspresso track the performance of all the influencer’s content on a per post level and review data such as comment sentiment, post likes, and average watch time. This benefitted Momspresso in identifying individual influencer’s performance and evaluating the post’s content quality.

Qoruz influencer marketing platform made it easier and less time-consuming for them to view audience engagement metrics such as views, comments, likes, and more along with the daily engagement graph with Qoruz.

Qoruz has changed the way we approach influencer campaigns. Right from searching for the influencers, to the process of onboarding them, Qoruz platform is super smooth and efficient. Their reporting dashboard is very scientific and helps us capture data which is useful and insightful for all brands. The best part about using Qoruz has been the team, they are always available on calls and help with all support related to their dashboard.

Richa Jain,Head-Brand Solutions at Momspresso

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